5 Resolutions You Must Embrace Right After a Move

You loved the staging of your old home so much that you considered staying.

Home stagers are focused on producing a room that has neutral, soft colors, as well as furniture pieces that never compete with the architecture. If you are also gearing towards this, decorate your new home like it is a so-called “model home.” Live that way every single day. For a more relaxing vibe, you can burn fragrant candles.

Decorate right away or else, it’s clearly not going to happen.

If you just moved in, then most probably, you still have tons of unpacked boxes. Unpacking is a pain, buy you need to get started right away. If there are projects that you want to start with regards to your flooring, painting or lighting, do them right away.

Get rid of all the clutter.

Once you make the big move, don’t forget to clear out all the clutter. Though, take note that purging and packing are 2 different tasks. To make things easier for you, you can begin the entire process around 2 months before the big moving day. Everything needs to be planned for more convenience.

Heavy decorations and furniture pieces can make the rearranging and moving process more difficult.

Most people say that the heavier the furniture pieces are, the better its quality. Well, that is not true. Go for benches and dining tables which are strong but lightweight. Remember, before buying new furniture, consider their weight. Make sure that they are made from lightweight materials. If you think you need some help, feel free to reach out to an interior design firm in Malaysia.

Use modular furniture pieces to manage minimal space.

You can use modular furniture in various ways in order to take up all the minimal space. Your primary furniture must have a neutral color and classic style. As much as possible, keep everything modular. Once you move to your new home, invest in colorful, bold accent pieces to provide your space some pop.