Virtual Activities to Do With Your Friends

Calling our dear ones is among the hidden benefits of having more ample time at home. Perhaps you may notice yourself engaging with others more frequently, even if it’s more frequent video calls with your best buddy or a daily Zoom meal with your family. However, as most of our weekdays are spent inside our homes or taking brief trips around the neighbourhood (at a one-metre distance, obviously), there might not be anything new to talk about always. When you want to connect with others but there isn’t much to talk about, consider engaging in some activities virtually (gambling at the best online casino in Malaysia or by playing otome games together, for example). Try these virtual activities, which are for all ages.


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  • Crafting with your friends via video chat

If you and your closest friend both enjoy crocheting or knitting, this can be a lot of fun to share your efforts over video chat. Make it appear as if everyone is in the same place, working on pleasant projects. If you like, you also can make shawls and caps for each other to keep as a reminder of these bizarre times.


  • Throwing a Netflix party

Netflix Party, which debuted just in time, allowing users to watch TV episodes and films with family and friends. The Google Chrome extension also features a chatroom where users may communicate with one another, and you can have a different video or audio app running in the meantime for folks who are highly tech-savvy. It is very helpful for organising a virtual party because it synchronises the programme or movie for everybody with a link, therefore if one person presses the stop button, it stops for everyone else as well.


  • Playing UNO

The popular card game everyone used to play throughout summer holidays and at the back of the vehicle on longer journeys has been digitally upgraded. The same kind of rules applies, except instead of playing face-to-face, you draw and pick cards using the UNO app. Could we recommend that you have a video conference at the same time so that you can rejoice as you’re about to come out on top?


  • Sleeping over virtually

Put on your pyjamas, grab some nachos, and open a glass of wine. Chill out in bed and talk about everything and anything. And if you’re both unmarried, talk about persons you have a crush on — or persons you used to have a crush on. It will be the most pleasant “sleepover” you’ve ever had because you’ll be sleeping in your room rather than at somebody else’s apartment inside a sleeping bag.


  • Cooking together

Many people have taken up cooking as a hobby, with some displaying their newly acquired culinary skills by sharing images of freshly made cookies, sour bread, biscuits, and cakes. However, with video meeting apps that allow you and your pals to prepare together, cooking a communal experience was never simpler. Also, there are online cooking lessons with chefs from all over the globe, including well-known names like Jamie Oliver, that allow groups to participate and prepare together.