Best Otome Games of All Time

Besides slot games, otome games have gained popularity among players not only in Asia but even in Europe in recent years. In reality, a handful of game makers have already launched English versions of famous titles, and the trend is expected to continue. The video game genre has grown in popularity, so it’s now accessible on a variety of devices, including smartphones, gaming consoles, as well as the Nintendo Switch. We’ll take a look at the vibrant realm of otome games inside this article. We’ll go through some of the best otome games to play currently.


  • Mystic Messenger

Isn’t it great that you really can enjoy this game for free on your phone? You may have heard of this, especially when you post it on social media, it explodes and spreads like wildfire. It has all the standard mechanisms of mobile games, such as waiting for the time to pass to continue doing things, but it also includes making calls at a set time, realistic messaging apps, etc., allowing you to stay engaged 24 hours a day. This is really great (unless you are working with one of the Indonesia forex brokers lists that you can easily find on the Internet).



This is the ultimate combination of literary and fairy tale characters, from The Wizard of Oz to the cat in boots. The turning point of these classic characters comes from the title: They are all members of the fighting mafia organization, and the protagonist is unknowingly trapped between these mafia organizations. This game is like a roller coaster, never taking itself seriously to surprising darkness in its multiple courses. Girls even have a choice, although it has little potential for romance. Although some routes are certainly not suitable for everyone (especially brothels and love triangle routes), the story is not the strong point of this game, so if you don’t do this, you won’t feel like you missed it. All done. Nevertheless, its pretty art, clever English localization and quirky character lineup are worth playing. The Mafia of Oz! ! Can be used for PC.


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  • Obey Me!

Let out? Love game series, obey me! Have you ever played the MC who suddenly found himself teleported to the demon world? Your goal is to learn about new fields as an exchange student at Royal Diavoro College. A series of 2D dream ships are at your disposal, including 7 demon brothers, who are your first love. Through phone calls, text messages, interactive stories, and dance battles, you will establish contact with beautiful demons and influence the progress of the story. There is no protagonist or gender specified in the game, which makes it much easier to imagine yourself or your favourite OC directly in the story. Frequent big events and additional chapter updates are also highlights of this programme, which keeps the game relevant, exciting, and sensual.


  • Ikemen Sengoku

Imagine that you have just found your dream fashion designer job and you are ecstatic! However, due to a strange turn of fate, you suddenly find yourself thrown back into another piece of history. Ikemen Sengoku takes the player back to the Sengoku era in Japan, where he must survive for three months. But you will not be alone. She will be with some of Japan’s most famous historical figures, such as Oda Nobunaga and Date Masamune. In just three months, a lot might occur, however, if she desires to return home, she must avoid having a relationship with anyone.