6 Landscape Design Secrets From the Professionals

Make water features appear natural.

Water features, even self-contained, small units that stand alone on patios, must appear like they 100% belong to their surroundings. Feel free to use natural stones to establish it, and use the same materials used in your home. Just don’t use too much materials, or else all of your efforts will backfire.

Include an outdoor seating space.

Installing garden patios near the edges of your lawns offers the ultimate outdoor escape. You can utilize concrete, pavers or stones. Building it near tall flowers and trees provides the space some privacy. It is highly recommended to keep it 6 feet to 8 feet from your own property line. That way, you can maximize all of the usable space.

Give your garden a rustic look.

Local garden centers usually sell traditional split-rail wood, fencing, wagon wheels and other materials that provide a rustic look. Most home and garden owners work hard for this look! However, if you are having a hard time achieving this dream garden appearance, don’t hesitate to contact an interior design firm in Malaysia.

Try combining different plant varieties.

Use a wide range of plants to breathe in new life to your garden. As much as possible, pick those that bloom at various times. Why? That way, ornamental leaves would be visible all the time. Think about this. If the flowers bloom all at the same time, they will look attractive during a that specific time frame, yet will surely lack color and beauty for the rest of the year.

Use a walkway to point multiple points of interest.

Make an attractive garden walkway with the use of concrete stepping stones. Don’t just trample down lawns, and settle with makeshift paths. Focus on this, so you can connect multiple elements in the landscape area. You can use unique materials to offer a captivating edging on the walkway.

Plan for a look that can last all year.

Go for those plants and elements that can provide color and cover all-year long. A garden must retain its inviting appearance all year. By using evergreen materials strategically, you can have that curb appeal at all times.