Best Places For Scuba Diving In Malaysia

Malaysia’s location is very strategic for scuba diving because it is in between two seas which is South China Sea and Straits of Malacca. The water is crystal clear and some of the places take good care of their coral reefs and sea creatures which makes the place famous among tourists.

scuba diving Malaysia

  1.       Tioman Island, Pahang

Want to watch coral formations and various sea creatures? This is the right place for you because the main attractions here are a mixture of hard and soft coral formations, white shark, turtles and many more! To get there, it is advisable to go to the Mersing Jetty as it is the nearest jetty to Tioman Island. It will take about 2 hours ferry ride to reach Tioman Island.

In Tioman Island, you could find 25 interesting diving sites that will actually blow your mind with the wonderful vibrant coral gardens. It has various price ranges for different diving sites so choose wisely that fits your budget. The best site for a beginner is the Malang Rock because the maximum depth is only 16 meters and will have low current flow. And for the experienced or professional divers, you can go to Labas and Tiger Reef.

  1.       Kapas Island, Terengganu

Wonder why it is called Kapas Island? It is because of the powdery beaches that makes it look like cotton. Other than turtles and reef fishes, the main attraction in Kapas Island is actually the WWII shipwreck! Isn’t that cool?

Kapas Island has 11 diving sites and the highlights of diving here is the Japanese WWII shipwreck 25m under the water which is now a home for certain marine lifes. One of the diving sites is Gemia with the maximum depth of 18m and here you can see creatures like parrotfish and damsels. Another divers’ favourite diving site is Berakit. If you are lucky, you will get to see bamboo sharks hiding in between the corals.

  1.       Bidong Island

Bidong Island holds great historical value as it was home to thousands of Vietnamese refugees after the Vietnam War ended in 1975. The nearest jetty is Merang Jetty, Setiu and it will only take approximately 30 minutes boat ride.

There are 12 dive sites in Bidong Island and the main attraction is large fishes such as bumphead parrotfish and barraccudas. In Bidong Island, there is one dive site that is usually used for training for the beginners which is The Jetty which the maximum depth is only 12m and has low to mild current flow. The Vietnamese wreck is also the divers’ favourite as you can see wrecks tied together to create artificial reefs.

These are the best 3 places for scuba diving in Malaysia because apart from having vibrant corals and crystal-clear seawater, some of them also have so much historical value. Scuba diving can be very fun but bear in mind, it can be risky sometimes. To avoid any inconvenience, make sure to hire the best scuba diving Malaysia instructor to assist you throughout your diving session.


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