What Makes A Good Neighborhood 

There are so many factors that go into choosing a house. Sometimes the process gets extremely overwhelming, nevertheless, it is an important decision to make. And one of the most overlooked factors when making the final choice on the house is the neighborhood. People often forget that when we buy our dream house in Seri Kembangan, we are also buying a part of the neighborhood. You are not only going to be making life-long memories in your backyard, but also the pretty trails of your neighborhood. 

But the question, what do you want from your neighborhood? Do you want pretty hiking trails, or do you want a pretty pool nearby? Maybe a huge basketball court where we have neighborhood matches? Or a huge biking area or a public transportation hub right next to your home? 

A good neighborhood is not about being picture-perfect. But rather it is about meeting your needs and wants. A loving Christian family may look for a church in the neighborhood and a neighborhood without a church is a disappointing one for them. Some large families looking for family-friendly facilities, playgrounds, hypermarkets, and schools nearby to accommodate their daily needs. Your personality and your needs go into the very decision of choosing a neighborhood as well. So it becomes crucial to choose a good neighborhood for you and your family. 

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But what consists of a good neighborhood? Let’s take a closer look! 

Amenities Nearby 

A neighborhood that does not have the essentials from medicine to food, is definitely a bad neighborhood. A good neighborhood has all different types of amenities and essentials nearby. They have beautiful supermarkets for your daily grocery shopping, a pharmacy for emergencies, a nearby hospital, a good school, maybe a daycare center, and even a heavenly bakery. The last thing we want to do is drive outside of the neighborhood for a good cup of coffee and fresh banana bread. 

Accessible To Public Transportation 

Your accessibility to public transportation is important even if you own a car. A good neighborhood makes it easy for you to go into the city and come out. They also make it easier for you to walk around and travel to places without having to drive around all the time. Somedays we all want a nice quiet ride into the city as we listen to the music, catch up on our favorite books and look at the scenery. Having public transportation nearby makes going to places so much more cost-effective and satisfying as well. 

Safety Comes First 

No matter where you go, whether it is Sepang or Seri Kembangan, your safety comes first. When shopping for your house, check out the safety of the neighborhood. How easy is it for people to come in and go? Do you have gated communities or open ones? Do you have security guards that protect the place day and night? Are there any cameras to assist the neighborhood’s safety? What are the people like around the neighborhood?  You want your children to run around happily and comfortably in a neighborhood that is safe, serene, and peaceful.