The Basics of Craps that Every Player Should Know

I’ve been hearing reports about a lot of people hating craps because it is ‘too complicated’. Well, it is actually not. It only becomes too complicated if you factor in every bet that you can make, but once you focus on one type of bet and go from there, it becomes so much easier for everyone.

Craps can be played in online casinos but the real action begins when you go to a real casino and play it there. The main objective of the game is to basically bet on a possible outcome of a dice roll.

The game is very dependent on luck alone, so there will be no skills or other strategies that you need to worry about when you play.

Why You Need to Study the Craps Table

Among all of the table games in the casino, the craps table is a pretty special one. It is very convoluted which is why it is no wonder that a lot of people get confused. But as I’ve said in the beginning, you should only focus on one bet and one bet only.

The table is laid out like that because you can place your bets on specific parts of the table so that the dealer will know what type of game you want to join in.

You also have to be familiar with some lingo. The shooter is the one that will roll the dice. Your fate lies on their hands since the result of the dice roll will either help you win or lose. The shooter is replaceable but only if there are certain conditions that are met.

Keep in mind that since the shooter is technically just a player as well, they, too, can also make their own bets (by placing the chips to an appropriate marking on the table).

Aside from the shooter, you should also know about the base dealers, the stickman, and the boxman.

The base dealers (usually 2 on each craps table) are responsible for taking in losing bets and paying out the winners.

The boxman is going to be in charge of all the chips on the table. If you want to buy more chips, you know who to look for.

The stickman is going to be the one that is in charge of the dice. He/she uses a stick to pass the dice to the shooter. He will also act as the announcer of the game as well.

The Basic Rules

Before a round begins, players will be asked to place their chips on the appropriate markings on the table. This will influence what game mode you want to participate in, though the difference only affects the outcome of the roll and not any changes to the shooter (or anything else).

If you’ve placed your chips on the pass line, the outcome of the roll should not be 2, 3, or 12, otherwise, you will be ‘crapping out’ and you will get nothing.

If the shooter manages to get a number other than the ones mentioned above, then that establishes a point. From that point onward, any roll that they get should not amount to 7 or they lose.